Our Team


The Team at NLBC is comprised of full-time staff, part-time staff, and lay leaders. Each of the individuals below plays a significant role in the ministry of the church. We purpose to Strive Together for the faith of the Gospel. We are excited about the future and expect the Lord to save the  lost and sanctify believers as we faithfully minister, shoulder to shoulder for the Glory of God!
Eric Swinney, Pastor
Eric and his wife Sherri have six wonderful children. Eric has been on staff at NLBC since 2006 and lead pastor since 2017.
TannerTanner Christian, Chief Musician
Tanner has been leading worship through song at NLBC since 2015 and has been a part of the congregation for many years. He is married to Claire who also assist in the music ministry. Tanner is also an engineer for Boeing. 
David Collins, Elder
David and his wife Laurie have been at NLBC for many years. David is a former pastor and manager of LifeWay Christian stores. He currently serves the congregation as an Elder and teaches our adult Sunday School class. David was a deacon at NLBC until 2016, when he was appointed as an elder.
Les Wiggins, Deacon
Les and his wife, Jackie, have three children. They have been members at NLBC for over many years. Les is an engineer for the Army.
Aaron Davis, Deacon
Aaron has been a deacon at NLBC since 2016. He and his wife,, Johnna have eight children. Aaron works for a local company in Huntsville as an engineer.
Ping Seto, Deacon
Ping and his wife So Fung are have attended NLBC for many years. Ping works for a local company in Huntsville as an engineer. 
Duane Dohrman, Deacon
Duane and his wife, Diann, have faithfully served the Lord at NLBC for many years. Duane is our newest deacon, being ordained in 2019. 
Felecia Paul, Bookkeeper
Felecia has the been our bookkeeper since 2004 and does faithfully serves the church in this capacity.