Our Team



The Team at NLBC comprises full-time staff, part-time staff, and lay leaders. Each of the individuals below plays a significant role in the church’s ministry. We purpose to strive together for the faith of the Gospel. We are excited about the future and expect the Lord to save the lost and sanctify believers as we faithfully minister, shoulder to shoulder, for the Glory of God.

Leadership at NLBC

We believe that leadership in a New Testament church should be that of a plurality of elders to shepherd the church and deacons to assist the elders with the physical needs of the church. Additionally, the Apostles were supported by faithful Christians like Priscilla and Aquila and many others willing to “risk their necks” for the Gospel. The men listed below have specific titles, responsibilities, and callings.
Eric Swinney
David Collins
Aaron Davis
Duane Dohrman
Jon Slater
Les Wiggins
Jacob Colby
Seth Butler
Kevin Cannon

Media and Music Ministry Leaders

 If the church is to stay healthy and thriving, it is because its members are doing their part to strive together as fellow workers for the sake of the Gospel. 
Dennis Weldy
Sound and Media Ministry
Tanner Christian
Music Ministry
Andrew Ashley
Music Ministry